Touch n Hold Smooth Single Kit
To Make the Door Stay Open - Open the door & tap the button with foot or hand. Closer can be installed anywhere on the door (most convenient position on bottom)To Close the Door - Push the door slightly farther open to release the hold open feature & close the door.New Smooth Technology - Advanced iso-kinetic technology takes the unwanted bounce out of your closing door! No more slams to the back. No more cut heels. Just a smooth, predictable close.

Smooth Single Kit – Screen & Storm Door Closer


  • Storm & Screen Door Closer
  • Recommended for light and medium weight storm and screen doors.  For heavier, full-view storm doors,  Touch ‘n Hold Smooth Dual Kit is recommended.
  • Hands free hold open button.  Smooth closing motion to prevent unwanted slams to the user.
  • Fully adjustable closing and slamming speeds.  No tools required.
  • Comes complete with all installation hardware including designer series brackets.
  • Corrosion resistant components.
  • Easily replaces old closers by fitting with existing brackets.

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Product Description

The most convenient standard-duty door closer on the market!
A pneumatic storm door closer that has a smooth closing motion similar to a hydraulic closer without the mess and the cost.  Great for storm and screen doors.  Patented push-button technology means a simple tap with a foot, elbow, or finger will hold the door in any open position you want.  Simply nudge the door farther open to release and close.  No hands required!   For doors up to 60lbs.


Touch ‘n Hold “Smooth” Single Kit


Touch ‘n Hold Smooth Door Closer
Set of designer door & jamb brackets
Screw pack
Full installation instructions

Shipping info:

1lb. 6oz.
Ship Priority Mail or UPS

White – B-SSKM-1101783
Almond – B-SSKM-1101713
Sandstone – B-SSKM-1101703
Bronze – B-SSKM-1101763
Cranberry – B-SSKM-1101693
Green – B-SSKM-1101683
Black – B-SSKM-1101773

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Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 5 x 2 in

White, Almond, Sandstone, Bronze, Cranberry, Green, Black